(PhD, MSAc, LAc, LMT)

ASK Integrative Healthcare


Presently practicing in Northeast Connecticut 

Providing licensed healthcare maintenance for optimal well-being and superior pain elimination and management.

In the county of Windham CT - registered in Killingly CT as palliative and hospice care.

Through the filter of Asian medicine, the service provides clinical care; helping to connect people to their own healing capabilities.

Published with specialty in cancer care in tandem with western medicine protocols. 

Since 2012 maintaining a private practice in Connecticut's Quiet Corner / Dayville CT.

3 decades of private practice and clinical experience.
With a successful past practice history in

New York City (15 years) Los Angeles CA, San Diego CA, Maui Hawaii, and Oahu Hawaii.
(MSAc - LAc) 

Master of Science Acupuncture (Oriental Medicine)
Licensed Acupuncturist 

Licensure in 2 States thru 2021 

--New York and Connecticut. (See HOME PAGE for license verification)

Each treatment is specifically tailored and is integrated with patients’ western 

medical protocols.

Offering acupuncture treatments utilizing:
Taoist Medicine / Five Element Theory
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
Acupuncture Physical Medicine (APM) -

Pain Management 

Alumnus of Tai Hsuan Foundation Hawaii (World Medicine Institute) and studied under the founder Chang Yi Hsiang. The Institute originally opened as The School of the Six Chinese Arts in 1970 and was formally registered with the State in 1972. In 1974, some of the school's founders helped establish the Hawaii State Acupuncture Board. At the time, Hawaii was the second state to legally recognize and license acupuncturists. Chang Yi Hsiang (Dr.Chang) served from 1974 to 1978 as a Commissioner on the first Hawaii State Board of Acupuncture. The school was unique as it had a forty year history of training students in traditional Taoist healing arts, acupunture, Qi Gong, and herbal medicine. Originally from Shang Ching, Lung Hu Shan, Jiangxi, Dr.Chang began her Taoist training with Master Chang En Pu at age six in the monastery.  In 1969, she became the 64th generation Taoist lineage holder of a 2000 year tradition inherited from the Han dynasty. 

PhD: Health Care Administration - Specialty: Hospice Care - University of Hawaii

New York Distinction: Law in Health Care Systems 2021

Hospice and Palliative Care: Connecticut 

2010 - present

Actively licensed by the State of New York: Acupuncture 

Actively licensed by the State of Connecticut: Acupuncture 

Acupuncture services approved by:
The National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine 

State of Hawaii: Acupuncture Clinical License / Permit (2004-2008)

State of Hawaii: Medical Massage License 
Private State Licensed Massage Practice (1996 - current) -Maui Hawaii and Oahu Hawaii 


TriState College of Acupuncture – New York - Master of Science in Acupuncture 

Mentor Dr Mark Seem was founder of TriState College. In the many hands-on clinics with DrSeem as lead, he taught his Acupuncture Physical Medicine (APM) technique utilizing his 20 years of treating patients with all types of chronic fatigue, pain, and stress disorders. These are often the patients for whom standard medical treatments have offered little help and who find their way to acupuncturists as a last resort.

Pacific College of Oriental Medicine – New York 

World Medicine Institute - Oahu Hawaii

University of Hawaii Manoa - Oahu Hawaii

Los Angeles Valley College -

Los Angeles California 

Maui School of Therapeutic Massage -

Maui Hawaii

U. S. Clinic Certification: Council of Colleges for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine 

Staff Outcall Acupuncture Practitioner:
Lincoln Center Theater - New York City (2012)
Roundabout Theater - New York City (2013)

Faculty: Maui School of Therapeutic Massage – Maui, Hawaii (2000 - 2003)

Affiliate: Society for Acupuncture Research 


or email at:  ask.integrativehealthcare@gmail.com


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