I have never worked with a medical practitioner to whom I would give a higher recommendation. A stellar practice. Besides the great care I receive, I’ve never once had to wait for my appointment.  I’ve never been to a Western medical practitioner that consistently runs on time like THIS office does! 
TM - Putnam, CT

If a recommendation is what is needed, it is with deep gratitude that I exclaim "that whatever ails you and your goal is to actually heal -- THIS WORKS!!!"  And a BIG plus - after your appointment, the Dr. always gets back to you with any questions you may have in a respectful and timely fashion.
SC - New York, NY

It's difficult to describe but so worthy of description.  The work - the way it is approached is something akin to magic.  And the office ALWAYS runs ON TIME!  I've never had to wait for my appointment.  Not once.
JM - Los Angeles, CA

An unyielding dedication to patient care - I am a much happier and healthier person and I have a greater understanding of healthcare maintenance.
EM - Oahu, HI

When I leave the office, I feel lighter, cleaner, clearer.  I have remembered who I am.
CL - Oahu, HI

The knowledge of a sage.  The hands of a healer.  Peace. Balance. Harmony. Mahalo!
VC - Maui, HI

No better description of what happens than this...
Chaos removed - soul cleansed - healing at the deepest level.
AP - San Francisco, CA

One of the most powerful and transformative experiences in body-focused therapy I have ever had .
ML - Maui, HI


I will forever be appreciative for this intelligent, sensitive, and clinically proven medicinal work.
DS - San Diego, CA


You can't explain what goes on in the written word - the depth of it.
Superlative is the best I can do.
FJ - San Diego, CA

I feel vital again. No more lingering illness. I feel less fragmented and clearer in both body and of mind.

Genuine healing.  This maintenance medicine (coupled with the Dr.'s intuitive skill) have greatly empowered me to live a better life.

I highly recommend this work for anyone who is serious about creating a balanced plan of treatment and protocols that maintain total health.

Honest and straightforward -- the treatments will have a powerful and positive influence on your life.
MS -- Putnam, CT

There hasn't been one time that I have left the office and didn't experience a treatment anything other than stimulating, harmonizing, and inspiring.  This is the place for genuine healing.
KA - Putnam, CT